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ServeBartendCook is a free web application that matches open jobs with qualified hospitality workers based on their experience, skills and location.

Whether you are looking for a career in the restaurant industry, or just temporary employment, we take restaurant, bar, and catering jobs seriously.

If you are looking to hire or find a job as a bartender, server, cook, or similar, you are in the right place!

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Create a Quality Profile

You'll be guided through a few easy steps to create a profile that highlights your skills and experience. You are only notified of jobs that match your skills.

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Remain Anonymous

Your profile is completely private. The only time anyone can see your profile is when you request an interview from a specific employer.
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Personalize Your Profile

Set yourself apart by adding a video introduction to your profile and a personal photo, or photos of your culinary of mixology creations.
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Post a Job

Create a job post that includes specific skill requirements and experience tailored to your needs. Job posts are free.

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Screen Interested Candidates

Filter interested candidates by pre-interview questions, video resumes, or cover letters.
Keep a list of highlighted favorites.
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Manage Multiple Locations

You can manage hiring at multiple locations through a single account. Jobs will only match to candidates in the area specific to that location.
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Who We Are

The Industry

Guess what? As a hospitality employer or employee, you are part of one of the largest, most dynamic, and fastest growing industries in the world.

The Problem

General "job" sites traditionally ignore the hospitality industry and have failed to even provide basic tools for matching talented workers with great jobs.

The Vision

We get it. ServeBartendCook was built from the ground up to focus precisely on the experience and passion that restaurants, hotels, and bars are looking to find in their employees. We provide straight forward tools that allow job seekers to showcase their skills and match them with great jobs instantly! And its free!
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Showcase your skills, experience and personality by embedding a video introduction on your profile using Instagram, Vine, or YouTube. Take control of your job prospects!

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