Line Cook - Casual Dining

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  • 5801 Conroy Road Orlando FL, 32835

Bloodhound Brew

Date Posted:
Feb 3, 2020
Full Time
$11.00/hr - $15.00/hr

Preferred Job Skills - Kitchen

Scratch Cooking

Additional Requirements

  • Must be available nights and weekends.
  • Must be able to lift over 40 lbs.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Maintain a clean work environment.
  • Monitor food quality.
  • Must be able to handle multiple tickets.

Other Details

Family owned business and a very friendly staff. Sales up 50% since current owners took over.
We cook to order, majority of items including sauces and seasonings made in house.
Wide and diverse menu from basic apps/fried food to signature entrees including fish, steak and lamb.
Must be comfortable in all stations (fry, sautee, grill etc)
Must be comfortable with scratch cooking and learning wide menu. Quick learner and be able to handle high volume shifts.
Must have a positive attitude and be a team player.
Must be able to multitask, follow rules, organise and self manage time.
Cleanliness, attitude, work ethic are very important.
Must keep an organised kitchen - labelling, prep list etc
$11-$15ph based on experience and ability.

Pre-Interview Questions

  • What do you love about the kitchen?
  • What is your best station?